Emma Stone, Lena Dunham want to get rid of sexist nicknames

Washington D.C., Oct 30 (ANI): Some girls don’t like being lovey-dovey at all and Emma Stone, Lena Dunham are surely among them as they revealed that they don’t like to be called ‘baby’ and rather prefer to be called ‘dragon’.

The two American bold actresses, who recently got together to discuss the subject of sexist nicknames on Dunham’s podcast, talked over that their male co-stars should eliminate the aforementioned endearing terms and should think of some other creative, gender neutral nicknames like ‘Pal,’ ‘Kid,’ ‘Bud,’ ‘Dude,’ ‘Buck-o,’ People Magazine reported.

The ‘Spider-man’ actress liked the name Dragon whereas the 29-year-old writer preferred to be called Dude as according to her it meant everything and anything. (ANI)

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