End corporal punishment, demands Bangladeshi daily

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Dhaka, Feb 10 (IANS) A leading Bangladeshi daily on Wednesday called for an end to corporal punishment after a schoolgirl was caned so badly that she fainted.

An editorial “Caned for not wearing a uniform!” in the Daily Star said that the caning of a schoolgirl in a government school in Pabna “leaves us disgusted and horrified”.

Rojoni was beaten until she fainted because she was not wearing her school uniform which her labourer father could not afford to buy.

“How can such barbarism be allowed in a place where young minds are supposed to be nurtured and taught? How can a teacher resort to such violence, especially when the High Court and government have expressly prohibited corporal punishment in all schools?”

The daily said that obviously teachers and school authorities have “no regard for the government’s directives and blatantly violate the basic right of a child to be protected from physical harm”.

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It added that besides violating international conventions and the law of the land, this teacher has disgraced his profession.

“…In this case the teacher has displayed a despicable, sadistic streak that is not uncommon in many of our schools, especially where children come from poor backgrounds.”

The editorial wondered why students of government schools who cannot afford uniforms are not provided with such items that are part of school regulations.

“…The inquiry committee that has been formed must take steps to punish this teacher and also hold the school accountable for allowing such practices. This shameful, barbarism must be eliminated for good.”

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