Endangered seahorse species found in Australia

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Sydney, Dec 21 (IANS) Australian workers on Friday discovered a colony of endangered seahorse species living in the coastal waters near the Sydney Harbour, prompting marine scientists to undertake a delicate relocation effort.

The workers were preparing to conduct repairs at tidal pools on Sydney’s Northern Beaches when they made the find. there were around 40 white’s seahorses — one of the two endangered seahorse species in the world.

“We had no idea of their existence and then to be told we have a colony of these rare seahorses, and we’re pretty excited to play a part in protecting them,” Mayor Michael Reegan said.

They would be moved to the safety of nearby seagrass beds because many of them are pregnant due to the season.

“The male animal gives birth, which is unusual in the animal kingdom, but they also fall in love, the seahorses pair up for life,” state fisheries senior research scientist David Harasti said.

The number of white’s seahorses has declined dramatically over the past few years due to habitat destruction, with some areas experiencing up to a 90-percent reduction.



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