Entrepreneurial innovations taking India by storm

By: Kirti Arora

New Delhi, Dec.12 (ANI): Twenty years ago, it was difficult to imagine an entrepreneurial concept like ‘Chai’ delivery, but today the concept is very much a reality, all thanks to the changing entrepreneurial landscape in the country.

Growing interest of venture capitalists in innovative domains has also added to the momentum.

Launched in November 2012, Chaayos is trying to bring the new ‘Chai’ revolution in the country, which was earlier dominated with coffee houses.

According to Raghav Verma, Co-Founder, Chaayos, the ratio of tea to coffee consumption ratio in India is 30: 1, which makes him very optimistic about the venture.

“We introduced the concept of delivering tea to corporate offices in Cyber City in May 2015. What started as a pilot project has picked up really well and today we are catering to offices across NCR-Delhi,” said Verma, present at the Entrepreneurship Summit ‘E-Merge 2015’.

People earlier questioned why they should spend Rs 40 or more on a customized cup of tea, when it is available for less on a road-side stall. However, Verma adds that the trend is changing and people are now happy with the new concept of customizable tea, even if it means paying extra for it.”

Verma, who himself is a teetotaller adds that ‘Adrak-Tulsi-Kadak-Paani Kam (Ginger-basil-strong-less water)’ version is their most popular tea and with that they are eyeing an age group of 21-40 years.

In fact, good news for tea lovers is that the company sells over 25 varieties of tea which is customizable in 12,000 ways. This wide range is available across company’s 12 outlets in Delhi and two recently-launched outlets in Mumbai.

In addition to tea, groceries form a very critical component of every Indian household, which is now being completely revamped by another start-up AaramShop Private Limited. Helmed by Ashutosh Malik, Director and COO, the company has tied up with 10,000 grocery stores across India to deliver goods to the customers.

As per the concept, physical stores can grow their sales by tying up with the company and tapping in technology-driven consumer influx.

“Associating with AaramShop will help physical stores add to their existing consumer base by attracting younger crowd, who relies heavily on technology for their shopping needs,” Malik said.

Ashutosh added that the neighbourhood grocery stores held strong relationship with the consumer which is why it was ‘logical’ choice for them to launch such a business model.

“These shopkeepers have been serving the customers for many years and know their specific needs pretty well, so tying up with them, was a logical choice,” stated Malik.

As for the future, the company is planning to increase their tie-ups with physical stores across top 50 cities in India. Also, they are trying to monitor the movement of delivery boys through technology innovation.

“Our ultimate aim is to connect with every shopkeeper, who owns a smartphone. All they have to do is register with us,” added Malik.

So with the customers showing openness to try new concepts, entrepreneurship seems to be the way to ahead for businessmen looking for exciting new ventures and avenues. (ANI)

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