Equity: Wall Street through female point-of-view

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Anna Gunn…Plays high-powered investment banker.

“I’ve been waiting for a role like this for many, many years,” admitted Anna Gunn while recently discussing her portrayal of a high-powered investment banker in the new thriller Equity.

A progressive film entirely written, produced and directed by female talent, Equity isn’t just a Wall Street for women, it’s turning the long-traditions of the finance genre-film and flipping it on its head by reversing the roles most-often reserved for money-hungry hunks. “It’s not a chick flick, it’s not a movie just for women,” said Gunn.

“It’s a taut, suspenseful Wall Street thriller that happens to feature female stars and female characters so it’s very refreshing.

“It’s important to see this world from the female point-of-view because people think of it as a male-dominated field, which frankly it is,” said the 48-year old star. “However, there are also incredibly strong (women in it).”

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The Emmy Award-winner points in particular to Barbara Byrne — one of the finance world’s top power-players.
To prepare for the movie, Gunn met the legendary investment banker (who also helped fund the feature) and borrowed many of her qualities and personal experiences for the part.

“She really became the template for this character,” added Gunn, who insists the more she learned about the female dynamic and history on Wall Street, the more she saw parallels of inequity in the entertainment field as well.

“It’s the same thing in Hollywood but what I am hopeful and optimistic about is that there are richer roles for women than there has ever been and that’s hopefully going to move into the future.”

It does seem that the times-they-are-a-changing slightly in Hollywood.

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Although Gunn has been fortunate to land powerful female characters in recent TV shows like Breaking Bad and HBO’s classic western Deadwood, the thespian experienced many years of auditioning for mediocre matrons before rising to become one of her own industry’s power players.

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