Ethnic Dance Fest brings ancient Chinese culture on modern stage of India

New Delhi, Sept 26 (ANI): On Friday, when the Chinese Dance Festival 2015 held an indoor program enticingly called “Dunhuang Melody-Charm of the Silk Road” here, the audience was introduced to a vibrant ancient foreign culture.

This cultural night, with its shimmering attires, various performances and beaming smiles, riveted the audiences and kept the spirits high.

With an aim to represent a slice of Chinese culture in India and to strengthen bilateral cultural cooperation between the two nations, artists from Gansu Opera House performed to celebrate the 66th anniversary of founding of People’s Republic of China.

The evening saw ‘Behind the Back- Playing of the Pipa,’ which got its inspiration from the traditional dance of the Tang Dynasty of China, recreating the murals depicted in the Mogao Grottoes caves of Dunhuang in Gansu.

Following this was ‘The song of Lida and Jasmine,’ which, with its graceful melody, lively rhythm and exquisite emotion, has become a representative of Chinese folk songs in the eyes of people from around the world.

Next followed the facial expression and posture-filled dance ‘Covered cup Tea’ and then, ‘Moon Spring’ dance that was created as per the legend of “Crescent Moon Goddess” in ancient times of Dunhuang.

‘Chinese Wushu’ was also a part of the evening, wherein Chinese martial arts or military arts was manifested. ‘Steed,’ ‘Musician Maiden,’ ‘Guzheng and Sword Dance Dance,’ and ‘Floating clouds and Flowing Water’ were among the other performances showcased.

Mr. Zhang Zhihong, Cultural Counsellor, Embassy of China in India said, ”With a view to promote cultural exchange and mark the 66th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Embassy of China associated with India China Economic and Cultural Council to present ‘Chinese Dance Festival’ in India.”

Mr. Mohammed Saqib, Secretary General, ICEC Council: “I congratulate China and all my Chinese friends on the occasion of 66th Anniversary of the China National Day and wish to bring more cultural troupes and artistic treasures from China to India and vice versa. I am very happy to bring Gansu Opera House to India who performed among Indian audiences.”

Every year this cultural evening is organized to celebrate the occasion of Chinese New Year in February and China National Day in September.

The event, which witnessed the dance performances like Martial Arts, Sword Dances, Vocal Performances and much more, was held last evening here at FICCI’s Birla auditorium.

By Pallavi Aman Singh (ANI)

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