Ex-Mexican President challenges Trump to debate

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Beijing, June 3 (IANS) Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has announced that he wants to debate presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump one-on-one.

In an interview with New York-based WABC Radio on Thursday, Fox said he “would love to” debate the presumptive Republican nominee, initially stipulating that it should only happen in Mexico, Politico reported.

“One condition … that it’s done in Mexico … because I need him to see what Mexico is all about, to see what we Mexicans are all about. He will change his attitude toward Mexico,” Fox said.

But shortly after, the former Mexican leader softened his home-country requirement, saying he would be willing to meet in the US as long as it was solely with the Manhattan businessman himself.

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“I’m willing to come here, to come here, to the States, if it’s for a debate, direct personal debate with him … so that we are bringing our arguments and we discuss what can really be the answer to … how the economy works and how the jobs are created … Yes, I would debate him here in the States or invite (for) a free lunch in Mexico.”

Fox, who has called Trump a “false prophet”, said they have never spoken, but that he hopes he can adopt the “attitude of a compassionate leader” if they do interact directly.

“I would expect that he would listen to my arguments, that he would put his arguments on the table, but we both are obliged to document, to sustain with facts and numbers what we’re saying, and not just lying or cheating to people,” he added.

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Trump has come under widespread criticism after he called Mexican migrants “criminals” and “rapists”.

He also said that he would build a concrete wall to block Mexicans from entering the US.



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