Ex Sevicemen dub PM’s ‘full proof OROP’ remark as ‘a half step forward’

New Delhi, Nov. 12 (ANI): Group Captain (Retired) V. K Gandhi, an ex-serviceman, on Thursday dubbed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “full proof” implementation of One Rank, One Pension for war veterans, as a “half step forward”.

“The Prime Minister’s statement is a step forward for fulfilling the promise of OROP, but ‘it is not full, as far as we view it’,” he told ANI.

Group Captain (Retired) Gandhi also said that the ex-servicemen fraternity had all respect for the Prime Minister of India, as they felt he was the only person who can give them the OROP.

“The question here is that it has been two years and a small issue like this, which won’t cost the government much money, is lingering,” he added.

The protesting war veteran also added that the declaration and issuance of notification and along with a commission indicated that there has been a double mind of the government.

“One lobby says that the full OROP of should be given, and other lobbies are objecting to it. We expected the Prime Minister with such reputation should have taken the decision. The presence of the committee gives doubts in our minds that the government knows that they are not giving us the complete OROP,” he added.

Against the backdrop of the continuing protests by several ex-servicemen over OROP, PM Modi said it was for the first time that the government, while notifying its decision to implement the scheme, had also set up a commission to ensure there are no shortcomings in the process.

“It is a full proof arrangement,” he said.

The ex-servicemen protesting for the implementation of the OROP scheme on Wednesday tried to set their medals on fire though they were stopped by the policemen on duty at the Jantar Mantar. (ANI)

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