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Excitement among first-time voters (Correcting headline)

Ghaziabad, April 11 (IANS) Soon after polling started here on Thursday, a number of youths were seen queued at the booth to cast their first vote in the parliamentary elections. Even the soaring temperature could not lower their excitement for voting for the very first time.

Akash Singh, 19, reached the polling station at 7.15 a.m. “I am super excited and could not sleep last night. (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi has done so much for us. It is our duty to return the favours,” he said.

While many of the youths came with a smile on their faces, others were vocal about the issues.

Pinky Yadav, 19, seemed unhappy with the present government at the Centre and blamed political parties for playing blame games.

“There are no jobs. I have two brothers and they are struggling for jobs. What is the point of voting for a party if they cannot work? I opted for NOTA,” she said.

Fathima, also a first-time voter, said safety of citizens has been a major issue in the country which remains unattended by the government.

“There has been no law against mob lynching. There is no security for women. Why should we vote someone who cannot even ensure security to us,” she said.

Peer pressure played a role among the youths while voting.

Aarti, 20, said: “I wanted to vote because all my friends are voting. It was exciting. I feel happy that I am taking part, and doing my bit, in building the nation. I will not tell whom I voted.”




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