Exiled Baloch leader seeks access for rights groups in Balochistan

Geneva, June 27 (ANI): To make the world aware about the worsening human rights situation in Balochistan, Brahamdagh Bugti, the chief of Baloch Republican Party has demanded that human rights organizations and the media get access to the region for a ground reality check.

The exiled Baloch leader was speaking at an interaction event in Geneva, where a short film about the history and present situation in Balochistan was also screened.

“Whatever is happening in Balochistan for the last 10 years, nothing has been done so far to stop Pakistan from doing these atrocities there so we want these (human rights) organizations to go there, make their reports and highlight the situation by their self through their organizations in international forums”, said Brahamdagh, the grandson of the slain Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti.

Pakistan has restricted the access of human rights groups and journalists to Balochistan, a resource rich province, where Baloch leaders claim gross human rights violations by the army and Pakistan’s spy agencies, the ISI and MI.

Brahmadagh said that not much will change with the human rights groups’ involvement, but it will get the reality out.

“Making these reports may not change anything. Of course, they can change the views, policies of international community, especially the western countries, including the United States to change their policies in giving billions of dollars aid to Pakistan,” he added.

Meanwhile, Kathryn Porter, president of the Washington-based Leadership Council for Human Rights said Balochistan has turned out to be one of the most dangerous places to visit for human rights activists.

“I traveled to 147 countries to just every war zone you can imagine. When I announced that I was going to go visit Balochistan, people from my government said you never come back”, Porter stressed while addressing the event.

“We demand that human rights groups go and see what’s going on, the NGOs go and members of the Congress to go and visit to see what’s really being done to the US tax dollars,” she added.

For decades, the people of Balochistan are fighting for independence from Pakistan, which the army has vowed to crush. If there are many Baloch groups engaged in arms struggle, the BRP wants to fight politically.

Though Pakistan does not allow any political activity in Balochistan, Brahamdagh said they are active in Europe with the support of the large Baloch diaspora and exiled political activists.

“We believe to solve the problem in a political and peaceful ways which is very hard for the time being to do any political activity in Pakistan. We are organizing the awareness events in Europe. There are many who are doing the struggle militarily. I do not condemn it and also do not support,” he said.

According to the human rights groups, a large number of political activists, students and intellectuals are victims of enforced disappearances in Balochistan, allegedly by the army and spy agencies.

The violations of human rights in the province continue unabated as people continue to fight for complete independence from Pakistan. (ANI)

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