Exotic shrimp production to get a boost in Kerala

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Kochi, Jan 17 (IANS) Shrimp farming in Kerala is all set to touch new heights with an institute for ocean studies securing licence to set up the first hatchery in the state for the exotic white-leg vannamei shrimp.

The Coastal Aquaculture Authority in Chennai has given the nod to Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS) for setting up the hatchery at the university’s research station near here.

To start with, the hatchery will be used for the university’s purposes and that of the shrimp farmers associated with it.

KUFOS vice chancellor B. Madhusoodana Kurup said things will now change, as the shrimp farmers were till now dependant on other states for shrimp spawn.

“We have proved that 5.5 to 6 tonnes of vannamei could be produced from one hectare, resulting in an approximate profit of Rs.14 lakh. And now with the hatchery here, it would be easier for our shrimp farmers,” said Kurup.

He said vannamei was an easy-to-breed species and there was a significant increase in production of vannamei shrimp in India in the past five years from just 50,000 tonnes in 2009 to more than three lakh tonnes in 2014.

More than 60 percent of India’s shrimp production is in Andhra Pradesh, followed by Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

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