Expect border delays when pot is legal: Windsor mayor

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The mayor of Windsor, Ontario, is warning that US-Canada border delays will become a usual problem following the legalization of marijuana.

There will be longer waits and even potential trade impacts as a result.

Testifying on Monday before the Senate committee that is currently studying the bill to legalize the drug, Mayor Drew Dilkens said his city will be directly impacted if and when processing times at the border start to increase.

The commercial crossing between Windsor and Detroit, Michigan, is the busiest one in North America, he explained, with 10,000 trucks travelling over the Ambassador Bridge — and 7,000 people crossing the border to work in the U.S. — every single day.

Windsor is also bracing for “a significant number of cannabis tourists,” he added, and since they’ll be forbidden from using the drug in hotels, arenas, public spaces and most other non-residential venues, they may risk trying to transport it back over the border with them.

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Having cannabis freely available in Canada legally will definitely see a rise in the number of American tourists coming here for the weed. Get ready for many of the unintended consequences of legalizing marijuana. – CINEWS

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