Experience secured cloud presence with Oracle like never before

San Francisco, Oct 28 (IANS) Cloud computing has been the biggest change in the information technology sector in the last decade or so and global software and cloud major Oracle is here to address your data storage need with security being the first and foremost concern, the company said on Wednesday.

“Cloud today is changing the business models of several companies. Having a presence in cloud is tantamount to the tremendous success of businesses globally,” said Dave Donatelli, executive vice president (converged infrastructure) of Oracle.

“Enjoy Oracle cloud right there at your data centre. We will build it, patch it and transport right in your backyard. You run it and we will take care of the security and performance to our best,” he announced.

“We also offer completely automated zero data loss recover appliance,” he noted while delivering a keynote address at the OpenWorld 2015 conference here.

Cloud is also changing as infrastructure is being designed and redesigned worldwide.

“So, how will you navigate through this infrastructure industry disruption. What would you opt? Go to your technology supplier or come to Oracle for the ultimate secured experience?” he asked.

Whatever is your need – in public, private or hybrid cloud – we are there to help you, the official told the gathering

According to John Fowler, executive vice president (systems) at Oracle, the world is looking at performance, speed and security.

“We need to invest in core technology. The silicon-based M7 microprocessor, Oracle database, Java are platforms that we are offering to the world. We build platforms so we have a direct intellectual and emotional connect with our products to make the experience better for you,” he explained.

(Nishant Arora is attending the conference in the US at the invitation of Oracle. He can be reached at nishant.a@ians.in)

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