Expert talks of the importance of whistleblowers

WASHINGTON— The lives of whistleblowers—people with the courage to risk their freedom, livelihoods and reputations—to bring wrongdoing to light have never been easy. Michael McCray, an expert on whistleblowing who was personally bullied, intimidated and retaliated against after he reported improprieties at his federal job before being forced out, says America needs such principled individuals more than ever.Michael McCray

“Whistleblowers are the ‘Fifth Estate’ protecting freedom, liberty and Democracy,” he says. McCray, an attorney and author of Race, Power & Politics who recently hosted a TEDx Salon entirely devoted to whistleblowing, now available online, can discuss everything from whistleblowers and the Founding Fathers to the new Oliver Stonemovie Snowden and the role whistleblowers should be playing in putting a stop to the growing number of deaths of unarmed black men shot by police.

He can answer such questions as:

  • How can we encourage more people to blow the whistle on injustices?
  • In what ways is whistleblowing while black different than whistleblowing while white?
  • Is Edward Snowden’s exile too high a price for his leak of NSA documents?
  • What did he learn from his failed racial discrimination lawsuit against the federal government?

Access TEDx Talks on Whistleblowing.

Five talks from the recent TedX Salon on whistleblowing are online. Stephen Kohn’s talk on America’s first ten whistleblowers and the treatment they received from the Continental Congress;Arthuretta Holmes Martin’s talk on whistleblowing while black; McCray’s talk on why the justice system is no longer working for ordinary Americans; Louis Alan Clark’s speech on getting the public involved in whistleblowing; and Tom Michael Devine’s discussion of the critical importance of the first amendment for and solidarity with whistleblowers

About Michael McCray

Michael McCray is the organizer of The Whistleblower Summit® for Civil & Human Rights, held annually inWashington, D.C., and this past summer organized a TEDx Talk on Whistleblowing and the First Amendment. McCray grew up in a small Arkansas town that was named the poorest town in America two years in a row. He followed former Arkansas governor Bill Clinton to be part of Clinton’s administration. – PRNewsswire

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