F1 drivers body backs FIA decision to count on Halo protection

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Geneva, July 20 (IANS) The Formula One drivers’ association on Thursday backed the International Automobile Federation’s decision to choose the Halo frontal cockpit protection for 2018.

Formula One Strategy Group decided on Wednesday to pick Halo cockpit over Escudo, the two options they had to provide extra protection to the driver, which was backed on Thursday by Association chairman Alex Wurz, reports Efe.

“Over recent decades, we have seen increasing speeds and ever faster lap times, and this ultimate racing quest is solely possible due to increasing safety,” Wurz told Autosport magazine.

“Whilst the halo solution might not be the most aesthetically pleasing for everyone, we drivers will nevertheless race and push as hard as we can on track, which is the key for F1 to continue its growth and popularity,” he added.

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Formula One Ferrari German driver Sebastian Vettel, who tested the frontal cockpit protection once at free practice, said afterwards that he was “dizzy” and it affected his vision.



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