Facebook censors photo of Denmark’s iconic statue

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London, Jan 5 (IANS) Social networking website Facebook censored Copenhagen’s iconic statue of the Little Mermaid for showing “too much bare skin or sexual undertones”, but reversed its decision following an appeal made by a Danish politician, a media report said.

The image was posted recently by Danish politician Mette Gjerskov to advertise a blog post on TV2’s website.

“I cannot advertise my blog because TV2 chose the mermaid as an eye catcher,” Gjerskov said on Facebook, following the notification.

“I hadn’t seen it coming, that our national treasure is categorised on the same level as child pornography and that kind of abomination.”

Facebook does not allow users to post “images of people in positions showing or suggesting sex or images of nakedness and cleavage. Not even if it has artistic or educational purposes”.

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Gjerskov appealed the decision taken by Facebook on Sunday night and the social network on Monday reversed its decision to censor the sculpture, rt.com reported.

In an unfortunate twist, TV2 then decided to use another image instead of the Little Mermaid due to concerns over copyright.

Facebook’s high-profile takedown of artwork with nudity and breastfeeding photos contrasts with its less than aggressive policies towards hate speech and pages like the “Roast Busters” rape club in New Zealand, which was active for two years before a journalist exposed it following a publicised rape case.

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