Facebook now loads News Feed quickly on slow connections on android

Amsterdam, Oct. 7 (ANI): Facebook has released an update of its News Feed so that content can be loaded faster on Android devices with slow connections.

According to The Next Web, the company has developed an open source Network Connection Class that helps its app determine how fast a user’s connection is.

If the user has a slow connection, Facebook will start loading articles, pictures and videos while they are reading other posts.

The company says it is also developing ways to prioritise which stories to load in order to minimise nterruptions.

The company said it is now using a progressive JPEG image format, which displays a lower-quality version of photos while it is still downloading. This helps cut down on the time the users have to wait before they can view content.

In addition, when there is no connectivity, Facebook will now display stories it has previously downloaded. It loads these from memory rather than loading them again from the cloud, but updates them with new comments or likes when the users are connected again. (ANI)

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