Facebook ‘Perspectives’ to help compare views of political parties

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London, June 1 (IANS) In an apparent move to fight the influence of “fake news” in Britain’s June 8 general election, Facebook has launched a new feature called “Perspectives” to help users compare the stances of major political parties on key issues.

The location-sensitive feature will appear as a prompt beneath articles linked to the election and will allow users to read each party’s position on key issues such as housing, the economy and foreign affairs, BT.com reported.

The feature will appear up to three times a day and will be activated by the type of article, not the individual viewing it, the social networking giant said.

It will display each party’s stance on the issues in random order, it said.

First used by Facebook ahead of the French presidential election, the social networking giant said it created Perspectives to help build an informed community.

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Facebook has faced criticism for its policing of so-called “fake news” and monitoring of other content on its platform.



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