Family and police worry about the fate of missing senior


69-year-old Shamsher Virk has been missing since September 1

On September 1st, 69-year-old Shamsher Virk was seen walking south on McLaughlin Road near Steeles Avenue at about 6 pm and has been missing ever since. His family is worried given he has little money and suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes.

The family is now offering a $5,000 reward for anyone with information that helps find the missing senior citizen.

Now, Peel Regional Police are asking for help from drivers who own dashboard cameras and were driving on McLaughlin Road South near Steeles Avenue West that day, between 6 and 10 p.m.

Police are asking them to review their videos in search of anything that could help track Virk’s travels from that point.

Gill said while Virk’s photograph is posted on every street pole in the area, his family worries Virk’s appearance would have changed. If he has been living outside for more than a week, looking for food and water, his white clothes could be tattered and he may have taken off his black turban to use as a blanket against the night chill. He may or may not be wearing his eyeglasses or his dentures.

Two search parties have been organized by family and friends, so far. Some 35 people gathered Thursday and 50 continued the search Sunday. Posters have also been distributed to every temple in the area, and the search has covered Brampton, Mississauga and across the GTA.

Virk has been known to walk long distances. He went missing once before, in 2012, but only for 14 hours, and during the day. He was found in the Lakeshore area of Toronto by a cab driver, who noticed he seemed confused and asked him if he needed help.

Virk was last seen wearing a long white shirt, white pants, a black turban with an orange band underneath, and grey and black Reebok running shoes. He was also wearing a silver Seiko watch.

Streets and greenbelt areas in Brampton and Mississauga have been searched by police –with the help of community volunteers, friends and family. Residents and business owners are asked to check their backyards, sheds, treehouses, garages, vehicles, hedges, and trees along pathways, trails and local parks.

Anyone with information is asked to call police, 22 Division detectives, at 905-453-3311, ext.2233. – CINEWS

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