Famous feline guides travellers at Swiss mountain

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London, Aug 31 (IANS) A black and white cat guided a Hungarian tourist to his hostel when he got lost exploring mountains near the Swiss town of Gimmelwald, media reported.

“It was the end of the ski season when I got to (the alpine village of) Lauterbrunnen. The lifts weren’t working and some of the trails were closed. So I followed a roundabout trail up the mountain, getting to the top, where I decided to follow a train track into the middle of a totally empty town, Gimmelwald,” Xinhua news agency reported citing the man from Reddit, who called himself sc4s2cg on the social media.

“I was checking my map to see how I could get back to the hostel, and the only official way down was through a trail that was closed. That’s when I saw this cat who noticed me while I was resting my sprained ankle,” he wrote.

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“As soon as I got up she started guiding me along some path. She kept looking at me to follow and led me straight that would take me back down to the valley.”

The man then shared his video of the cat. Other tourists who had climbed the mountain also shared photos of their own experiences with the feline guide.

The cat turned out to be owned by a couple who run a nearby hostel.



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