Farah Khan and Akshay Kumar patched up?

Mumbai, November 28 (CINEWS): Akshay Kumar is not the kind to get into the forceful mode with anyone, slightest off every least of all a woman. Yet, then Farah Khan who coordinated Akshay in the sarcastic calamity Tees Maar Khan likes to be one of the young men in the industry.farah-khan-and-akshay-kumar-patch-up-1-4981-398-farah-akshay

When four years back she got into the peevish mode with Akshay all hellfire had broken lose. The provocation was her husband Shirish Kunder’s film Joker which Akshay had featured in. When the film turned out to be exceptionally unappetising, Akshay, breaking his normal convention of professionalism, chose not to advance the film.

Perpetually the defensive wife, Farah seethed and heaved venom against the something else uncontroversial Akshay. They additionally pledged never to cooperate again.

Like they say, there are no permanent friendships and enmities in showbiz. On Tuesday when Akshay strolled into Farah’s sibling Sajid Khan’s birthday bash he ran into feisty Farah.

And here’s an eyewitness account of what happened:

“For a long time Akshay, who had come without his wife Twinkle, and Farah kept away from one another. However, it’s a little world,, particularly at a Bollywood party. And the two found themselves up close and personal. Akshay and Farah talked and the ice was broken.” We don’t know where the renewed relationship will go.

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