Farah Khan : Cruising with my favorite people on earth !

Farah Khan , the producer,  choreographer and director is on vacation.  The feisty woman has another side to her personality that relatively few know about. Yes, Farah is really a excellent as a mother.farah

Her triplets are not only cuteness personified but also hold themselves with grace and it is all to the lady’s exceptional mothering.

Farah who usually has a busy schedule makes it a point to spend a part of her day with her two daughters and a son.. The pleased mother recently  posted a photo of her cute dears on Instagram. She included an idea commendable quote that demonstrates Farah is a minding mother. She quoted, “Cruising with my favourite people in the world. V travel not to escape life.. But so that life doesn’t escape us.”

Farah Khan wedded Shirish Kunder in 2004 and they had their triplets — child Czar  and little girls Anya and Diva — after four years. On work front, Farah choreographed Jacky Chan in ‘Kung Fu Yoga’. – CINEWS

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