Fare evasion costs TTC millions

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Fare evasion is on the rise and the inability to enforce fare payment is making the situation worse. Now the TTC is crafting a policy to address the festering problem.

Fare evasion costs the agency tens of millions of dollars a year.

The implementation of all-door boarding on the streetcar network later that year “further compounded the lack of revenue control,” the paper says.

According to TTC spokesperson Brad Ross, senior agency staff “reject the characterization of our revenue control as stated” in the internal report.

The TTC is in the midst of transitioning to the Presto system and plans to stop selling older fare media such as tokens and tickets sometime this year. Earlier this year, the agency said it would stop accepting the older forms of payment by the end of 2018, but the date has now been pushed to 2019.

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In 2016, the TTC board approved a policy that would require all riders aged 10 to 19 to carry an agency-issued photo ID with their Presto cards. That would ensure older teens don’t take advantage of the kids-ride-free program, while also providing a reliable way to prove eligibility for the discount offered to customers aged 13 to 19. Riders in that age range get 20 per cent off monthly passes and 32 per cent off single rides.

Agency staff have repeatedly told the public that the TTC’s fare evasion rate is about 2 per cent, which would represent forgone revenue of about $20 million annually.

Fare evasion will happen regardless of whatever measures are put in place. Eliminating the problem could end up costing half that amount, measures could include deploying dozens of inspectors and then process and prosecute fare evaders is time consuming and costly. No wonder it is not even being seriously discussed. – CINEWS

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