Faye Dunaway felt ‘very guilty’ after Oscars mix-up

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Los Angeles, April 25 (IANS) Actress Faye Dunaway says that she felt very guilty about the Oscars mishap that led to her and actor Warren Beatty mistakenly announcing “La La Land” as the Best Picture instead of “Moonlight” earlier this year.

In an interview with “NBC Nightly News” on Monday, the actress recalled being “completely stunned” by the mix-up and feeling “very guilty” afterward, reports ew.com.

“I thought, ‘I could have done something, surely,” Dunaway said.

“Why didn’t I see Emma Stone’s name on the top of the card?”

At the February ceremony, Dunaway and Beatty reunited to mark the 50th anniversary of “Bonnie and Clyde” and to give away the evening’s biggest prize.

The two, however, were handed the wrong envelope: Instead of receiving one with the Best Picture winner, they received an envelope naming Emma Stone as Best Actress for “La La Land”.

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Beatty was visibly perplexed by the card and showed it to Dunaway.

“He took the card out, and he didn’t say anything,” Dunaway said.

“He paused, he looked over me, offstage, he looked around, and I finally said, ‘You’re impossible.’ I thought he was joking. I mean, I thought he was stalling. Warren’s like that. He kind of holds the power and makes you wait … but it’s part of his charm.”



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