FBI sets up command centres to tackle potential terror threats on US Independence Day

New York, June 30 (ANI): The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has reportedly set up command centres across the United States to monitor any potential terror threats around its Independence Day on July 4, a federal law enforcement source said.

The source added that while no credible, specific threats surrounding the holiday had been received, its symbolic significance could make it a potential target for terror groups like the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), reported Fox News.

Law enforcement authorities however, are particularly concerned about soft targets like shopping malls and other areas, which witness large gatherings of people and light security.

Information from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies will be sent to the command centres so that officials can ascertain the threat level and furnish a response quickly.

Another source was quoted as saying that the FBI’s strategy focused more on getting ISIS supporters off the streets as soon as possible, as it is hard to predict when one might go operational. This however, means that individuals could be arrested on lesser charges and then a broader case could be built once that person was in custody.

July 4 commemorates the adoption of the declaration of independence in 1776, claiming liberty from Great Britain. (ANI)

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