Federal Liberal candidate Kamal Khera holds impressive fundraiser


Last week over 500 people, including Marc Garneau, MP, former astronaut and guest speaker, came out to support Kamal Khera, the federal Liberal candidate for Brampton West. The fundraising dinner, held at Chandni Convention Centre in Brampton, was different in many ways starting with the eclectic entertainment, there was a jazz band called Picture Perfect that really got the crowd going, Shruti Patel performed Indian dance to aKamalKhera Bollywood number and Liberal candidate Kamal Khera went on to talk about how passionate she is when it comes to uniting families through a fairer immigration process and better healthcare, two issues that were very important to the residents of her riding of Brampton West.
Garneau, MP, discussed Liberal values but also gave support and tips for Khera during the event. “Elections are very serious matters and require discipline – discipline in how we approach the public, discipline in what we say; those things are extremely important,” said Garneau, MP.
While it must be noted that while a large number of Brampton West residents happen to be of South Asian origin, there are also other ethnic minorities as well as Caucasians who may not all agree that family re-unification should be at the top of the agenda. For any politician from any background, it is always very important to come across as someone who is represents all equally.

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