Feel honoured to share Wimbledon with India, says Sania Mirza

Hyderabad, July 14: Ace Tennis Player Sania Mirza on Tuesday said that she feels honored and privileged to share her victory in the Wimbledon with India on winning the first-ever women’s doubles Grand Slam title along with her Swiss partner Martina Hingis.

“I feel honored to be from a country where people take it very passionately. We love and hate our star very passionately.” Sania said.

She also admitted that it was the chemistry with her Swiss partner Martina Hingis which resulted in their victory.

“The hunger that she has, to keep winning and keep performing is truly amazing and I get to learn a lot from that as well.We try and push each other. We have a great chemistry on and off the court,”

Sania Mirza dedicated the win to India and all her supporters here.

“For me to play Wimbledon has been very special as a child I always wanted to, any tennis player wants to play Wimbledon very few of us are very lucky to win there so I feel it’s a dream come true for all of us and I m so happy that I m able to share this with everyone back home,” she added .

Mirza cliched her first-ever women’s doubles Grand Slam title as she and her Swiss partner Martina Hingis made a stunning comeback in the final set to win the Wimbledon 2015 crown on Saturday. (ANI)

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