Fencing along Heart Lake Road is to protect wildlife

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For years now, drivers driving along Heart Lake Road have been helpless and horrified as they’ve run over slow moving turtles, snakes and other critters. Bowing to that concern and a nightmare for environmentalists, The City of Brampton has installed metal fencing between Sandalwood Parkway and Countryside Drive.

It’s part of the city’s Heart Lake Road Mitigation Project.

Usually during the spring and summer months, thousands of ducks, frogs and turtles meet a terrible fate along this stretch. All that is expected to be a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, it is often not safe to stop, halt or swerve to avoid wildlife as it could end up endangering the driver as well as others in the event of a car losing control as a result. However, it is best to slow down when you do encounter a critter, that way you reduce the possibility of destroying the hapless critter. – CINEWS

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