FICCI structures 16 point agenda report on healthcare in India

New Delhi, Oct 5 (ANI): FICCI has laid down a 16 point agenda to leverage the competitive advantages and position of India as the most preferred healthcare destination.

The agenda that talks about opportunities in the Medical Value Travel (MVT) market recommends simplified and relaxed medical visa regulations for patients including visa on arrival, Multiple entry medical visa to facilitate follow-up treatments, Promotion of MVT by Indian Embassies, Medical facilitation desk at Indian airports for medical visa holders to eliminate the problem of touts, Faster immigration facilities at Indian airports and others.

The current concerns of the Indian MVT industry attracts only 3% of traffic. These concerns create absence of effective marketing strategies, strict and lengthy visa process for foreign patients, lack of credible information, non-availability of insurance portability, highly unorganized sector, non availability of direct flights from several countries, supplying a major chunk of medical tourists and the presence of a large number of middlemen operating in the sector.

The 16 point memorandum set up by FICCI has set up a working group on medical value travel to conduct a background study and develop a framework to position India as the most preferred healthcare destination. (ANI)

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