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Washington, July 9 (ANI): Live streaming app Meerkat has released an update, including new features.

According to the, Meerkat now allows users to sign up on the platform through Facebook instead of Twitter, a feature that allows the users to invite those watching their stream to take over that stream and a way to save streams in place called the Meerkat Library instead of on their phone.

Earlier in May, Meerkat opened up the ability for brands to post a link to their Meerkat live streams on their Facebook page using Facebook Connect instead of Twitter. This new update allows individuals to sign up via the Facebook registration API without a Twitter account. Also, it will help those on the platform find their Facebook friend’s streams.

The feature is optional and will auto-follow all of the users friends on the app connected through Facebook.

Ben Rubin, a Meerkat founder, said that it will not automatically tell all of the user’s friends that they are scheduled to go live, that they are live streaming or commenting on Meerkat.

Also, Meerkat new feature called Cameo has the ability to invite the stream viewers to take control of their stream. When streaming, by tapping on the profile of a viewer the user can invite them to take over. If the viewer accepts, then the viewers can broadcast themselves for up to 60 seconds. Also, either person can end the cameo at any time within that minute of time.

In addition, the company introduced Meerkat Library that will allow the users to save and store streams to the clouds instead of their phones when people finish broadcasting. The library is private, but saved streams can be made publicly available. (ANI)

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