Film distribution controlled by mafia, says Tannishtha

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Tannishtha: They are out to destroy small films

One of the most talented actresses, Tannishtha Chatterjee, forwards a very creative idea of film distribution, describing the present system as a mafia out to destroy films that can put India on the world map.

“I think distribution is the mafia when it comes to small films that are trying to reach out to the maximum Indian audience. There are so many films that even I was a part of that faced difficulties in getting released in India. It is ridiculous to see how the entertainment tax system works,” Tannishtha said at the 10th NDFC Film Bazaar here.

“I was talking to filmmaker Prakash Jha and Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury (director of ‘Pink’). Even they were saying that in todays’ day and age, making a film is not a big deal, but marketing and distribution are,” she added.

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Her suggestion is to implement different ticket pricing based on the budget of the film.

Quite  a brilliant idea considering how big budget  crowd pleasing flicks mop up the box office and head to Rs 100 crore and beyond,  while the low budget films by talented artistes fall by the wayside.

“There should be different ticket pricing based on the budget of the film. Students and youngsters are always interested in watching experimental films. However, most of the times they cannot afford to watch them due to expensive tickets,” she adds.

“How come the ticket price of a Rs 5 crore film and a Rs 500 crore budget film could be the same? Can’t there be some policy of free taxation and compulsion of screening for independent films like they have for regional films?”

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Tannishtha also stressed the fact that she is an actress and not a policy maker.

“But as a creative person and audience, I can say that even when I was a student, I couldn’t go for expensive films,” said the actress, who has played strong characters on the big screen.

“When it comes to the projection of women in films, I think the change should come from the creators’ end. It is a wrong attitude to say that the lowest common denominator will not understand ‘this’ and they deserve ‘that’. It is a very elitist and offensive attitude,” she said. – CINEWS

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