Film on ‘Homecoming King’ on Hasan Minhaj’s mind

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New Delhi, Oct 28 (IANS) Hasan Minhaj found global fame when he gave words to his story through the stage production turned comedy special “Homecoming King”. The Indian-American comedian is now thinking about making a feature film on it.

“People have approached me with the idea of making ‘Homecoming King’ film. We will see about that. But right now, I am focused on my own show ‘Patriot Act’ on Netflix,” Hasan told IANS over the phone.

After doing some gigs, Hasan got his big break when he became a part of “The Daily Show”. But he found worldwide fame with his “Homecoming King”, which debuted Off-Broadway in October 2015. He then recorded a version of that show in January 2017 for his first Netflix special.

Growing up in the US as a Muslim from Aligarh was a bumpy ride for Hasan. He told his story to the world through “Homecoming King”, filled with anecdotes of his struggle to search for his identity.

Hasan feels things are changing for South Asian actors in the West.

“The change is coming from behind the camera to in front of the camera. As writers and performers, we are starting to write, direct and produce our own narrative. The voice of the actual project is becoming very authentic,” he said.

Hasan says “people are starting to see a more nuanced approach in take of the South Asian identity”.

“And because of that people are saying ‘ohh South Asians can be so much more than an engineer or a lawyer or a doctor. They can be spies, they can be someone’s boyfriend, they can be lovers, they can be jerks, they can convey every spectrum of human emotion’.

“That for me is really interesting,” added Hasan, who also featured in Lionsgate Films’ “The Spy Who Dumped Me”.



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