Filmmaker Modgil’s ‘Sudden Cry’ is about child abuse in India

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In a world where art is merely being used to make profits or to entertain, a handful of filmmakers continue to take a stand for significant art. Art and cinema that questions and contributes to the progressive change in society. An adventurous, unconventional and talented Modgil has used her passion of the arts to do the nearly impossible. 
Through her significant films, Babita Modgil emerges as a committed artist and a truly life altering filmmaker whose cry for justice has created a ripple in the very psychology that wrongly nourishes the idea of injustice toward women and children. Crossover Filmmaker Babita Modgil is exactly the artist we all had been waiting for. 
Modgil has used her art to do the nearly impossible. Re-inventing the wheel with a spine chilling reality check, the daredevil producer has effectively touched on subjects which the common man deems highly controversial. Modgil’s relentless passion for the art of filmmaking, her vision to challenge the boundaries and reach excellence propelled Modgil to open her own production company, Camel Through Needle Films in 2008. She produced her first documentary film, ‘Belly of the Tantra’ in 2012 and is now set to unravel her directorial debut ‘Sudden Cry’ in collaboration with maverick filmmaker Pankaj Purohit. 
A harsh reality check for those who believe that the world is all fine and dandy, ‘Sudden Cry’ digs deeper into the dark alleys which engage in the gruesome practice of child prostitution. The revolutionary and thought provoking film Sudden Cry is shockingly filled with the  silent screams of children who have been subject to the hypocrisies and injustice of the very world that was created to keep them safe. 
‘Sudden Cry spares no one who is guilty of robbing innocent girls from their basic right to live a normal girl’s life. The film challenges and urges us to unite against ill-treatment of women and children and makes effort to eradicate the menace of child trafficking and prostitution through the medium of cinema. Sudden Cry has been Produced by Pankaj Purohit. – CINEWS/PremKumar
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