Filmmaker Rahul Rawail accused for abusing a 20 year old girl

Mumbai, October 22 (CINEWS): Veteran filmmaker Rahul Rawail, has been booked for abusing a 20 yar old girl, named Thiya D’Souza. The director who is known for his ventures like Love Story and Betaab, reportedly stole the girl’s dog and then later entered her property, forcibly.rahul-rawail-480

He even abused and threatened her, for sheltering a stray dog at her place. He supposedly asked the driver to get rid of the dog and there’s a CCTV footage of the dog following the driver and exiting the society premises. Thiya had apparently lodged the complaint a week back, but it so happened, that on October 10, 2:30 am, Thiya was at her place with a few friends, when suddenly Rahul and his son started banging the door violently, asking her to step out, Initially, Thiya refused to open the door, but eventually gave in. Rahul immediately stepped in and abused Thiya, for firstly, throwing garbage outside her window, which landed on his window, and secondly, for taking care of a stray dog in the society’s premises.

Talking about these allegations, Rahul while talking to a portal said,” I know that girl she stays on the first floor. All the news your saying is untrue and rubbish. In fact, I have filed the complaint against her to evict her from the place because her behavior is very obnoxious.She has different men coming at different times and I stay with a family and cannot tolerate it.”

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