Financial issues made fashion designer go missing: Police

Noida, March 6 (IANS) Financial matters pertaining to her family put fashion designer Shipra Malik under stress and she went missing from her home in Noida on February 29, a senior police official said on Sunday.

“Financial matters with the family of her in-laws was the main reason Shipra fled her family,” SP City Dinesh Yadav said.

Residents of Hisawda village in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh – the native village of Shipra’s father-in-law Virendra Malik – said that the latter had sold his ancestral agricultural property to settle his son Chetan (Shipra’s husband) and her in their respective businesses.

However, after opening a restaurant in Meerut and later shifting to Noida to open another restaurant in Sector 18, Chetan switched over to the real estate business. However, a downturn in real estate soon after led to financial issues cropping up in the Malik family.

This allegedly forced Shipra to run away from her house. Shipra’s husband Chetan had filed a complaint with Noida Police after she went missing.

On March 4, Shipra, 29, had knocked on a villager’s door in Sultanpur in Gurgaon district of Haryana and told him she had been kidnapped but later abandoned by her kidnappers.

“She was crying and afraid but said she did not want police help,” Rakesh Kumar, sarpanch (village headman) of Sultanpur, had told IANS.

Shipra said she had been kidnapped from a market in Noida in Uttar Pradesh on February 29, but could not say where she was kept blindfolded. She told the villagers she did not want police help.

A Gurgaon Police team later took the young woman to Farukh Nagar police station. She was reunited with her family there.

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