Find out who bullied Karan Johar in his childhood

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Mumbai, Feburary 7 (CINEWS): Karan Johar just uncovered who harassed him as a youngster! Goodness! That is another bomb that KJo simply put on us. Karan Johar, who at present has a great deal going on his plate, appeared to have uncovered a major thing.

We have all been on both the sides of this coin, being harassed or tormenting somebody. Indeed, plainly Karan Johar dependably appeared like the kind who was a harasser than being tormented. Keep in mind the scandalous Alia Bhatt episode in Koffee With Karan post which KJo went on a joke zone as he continued pulling Alia’s leg. Karan may not concur this but rather he is an incredible saucy tongued fellow. So better believe it, back to the theme, Karan Johar just uncovered in a tweet that this one big name used to spook him as a kid!

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It would appear that he too experienced serious difficulties tormented. What’s more, you wouldn’t trust who used to spook him. None other than Junior B! Yes. Abhishek Bachchan was the devious fellow who used to spook Karan. Yesterday was Abhishek’s birthday and all the business people took to their Twitter handles and Instagram records to wish the performer. While the performing artist got a great deal of wishes from B-Townies, KJo put out this tweet he used to get harassed by Abhishek! In any case, he did add that he developed to adore him like a crew. Aww! Isn’t that the sweetest wish? We’d beyond any doubt like to recognize what Junior B needs to say in regards to Karan Johar’s charming wish!

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