Fireworks likely responsible for Brampton home fire

Brampton, November 13 (CINEWS): Brampton city council voted to allow city residents to apply for free firework permits if they intended to light firecrackers on their private properties. To prevent it from becoming a fire hazard, the property needed to be 60 feet wide at the front. It is unknown and probably unlikely the home that was fully engulfed in flames on Binder Twine Trail in Brampton met the criteria or even had a fireworks permit.brampton-fire
The deadly blaze engulfed not just the home but cause some serious damage to the adjacent homes as well.
Frazzled neighbours say fireworks celebrating the Hindu festival of Diwali were going off just prior to the blaze, which broke out around 11 p.m. on the normally-quiet street in the area of Fletcher’s Creek Boulevard and Williams Parkway.
Damage has been pegged at more than $1 million and Brampton fire officials are investigating whether fireworks that went out of control sparked the fire.
Peel Regional Police and firefighters evacuated nearby homes.
Brampton firefighters say all occupants in the home have been accounted for and there are no reported injuries. But fire crews expect to be on scene into the morning. The Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office has been contacted.
But this fire that was likely caused by fireworks should serve as a warning to South Asian residents many of whom flout the requirement for firework permits and just set off fireworks in their backyards and front yards with no fear of any repercussion because the authorities tend to look the other way. No one has ever been prosecuted and this is probably the first fire that has been caused by Diwali fireworks.
This correspondent was to have published a picture of five families setting off fireworks on the front lawn of a Brampton home but following the news of the Brampton house blaze sparked possibly by firecrackers, they insisted that the picture not be published. According to one Brampton resident who declined to go on record, very few residents bothered to apply for firework permits and think of firecrackers as a harmless source of after dinner entertainment for the family. “I know many families are not going to be posting firework pictures on Facebook. Just in case there is an enquiry and we could face prosecution for illegally setting off fireworks in the neighborhood,” he said.
One South Asian family living in a mostly Caucasian neighborhood in Georgetown would not dare light fireworks on their property because if they did, neighbors would call the police immediately. So they do the next best thing- buy fireworks and join their friends living in a South Asian dominated neighborhood where everyone seems to be flouting the law. This blaze should case a shadow and a spotlight on those flouting the law.

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