Firing at Baramulla camp started after troopers noticed movement

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Srinagar, Oct 3 (IANS) Indian forces are on constant alert and prepared to beat back intruders, the BSF chief said on Monday, adding that the firing on the Baramulla army camp started after two BSF constables noticed some movement and were consequently fired upon.

Border Security Force IG Vikas Chandra said the camp of 46 Rashtriya Rifles (RR) that was attacked Sunday night is located in Jabanzpora in Baramulla, around 60 km from Srinagar.

Personnel of the border guarding force BSF, which is under the operational command of the Army in this area, stay in the camp along with soldiers.

The BSF IG also said that it was “desired” that the militants were killed, but they escaped.

The BSF IG said two constables, Nitin and Varun, were in their bunkers when they sensed movement from the side where the river Jhelum borders the camp.

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Chandra said the incident occurred around 10.30 p.m.

“In one of the bunkers, constable Nitin and Constable Varun were there and they could observe and sense that something from the Jhelum side is there, and to check one of them came out of the bunker and challenged,” Chandra said.

“They were fired upon, to which both retaliated. The fire continued for some time then the militants started firing with grenade launcher. They fired in the bunker too,” he said.

The IG said the troopers realised it was better to get out of the bunker.

“They realised getting out of bunker will be better. Initially Nitin came out. One of the grenades exploded, a shrapnel entered his joint and he got seriously injured,” Chandra said adding that the two kept fighting.

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“One of our constables Parmider was rushing to that area. The two boys were injured and the whole camp was on a stand to. The injured boys were evacuated. It was timely detection,” he said.

Chandra added that wire cutters were recovered, which showed the intention was to enter the camp.

“One wire cutter has also been recovered, it shows the intention that they wanted to enter the camp. The intention to get into the campus has been denied to these militants. It is desirable that they should have been killed, but maybe because of darkness and ground condition (they escaped),” he said.

The BSF IG added that the forces are on alert 24×7.

“Forces are alert and prepared to beat back. Situation is such that we have to be alert 24×7, we can’t lower our guard since it is a happening area. At times in this fight some injuries can take place, that is acceptable. All efforts are being made to handle the situation,” he added.

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