First automated car on Ontario roads

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The future is here!

A pilot project involving the University of Waterloo, the Erwin Hymer Group and BlackBerry QNX has resulted in the first automated car hitting the streets of Ontario.

Three automated vehicles are to be tested beginning today in technology that could lead to development of self-driving cars.

Kitchener-Centre MPP Daiene Vernile and Transport Minister Steven Del Duca arrived in an automated car for an announcement of the pilot in Waterloo, Ont., on Monday morning.

Earlier this year, Ontario became the first province to set a regulatory framework to test self-driving vehicles, an emerging technology where the province is keen to be a leader.

Del Duca called the technology “the future” of driving, saying it will improve road safety and reduce congestion.

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The University of Waterloo will be operating a Lincoln MKZ hybrid sedan, dubbed Autonomoose. The car will always have a licensed driver inside it as it navigates roads.

The Erwin Hymer Group, an international automaker with a research centre in Waterloo, will be testing a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van at various levels of automation.

BlackBerry QNX will test a 2017 and will be developing its software in association with the pilot project.

The researchers are evaluating how the vehicles operate under various weather conditions and road conditions as well as various levels of automation.

The cars are connected to the internet and have a system of visual sensors, as well as radar and sonar to detect road conditions and obstacles and communicate with other vehicles on the road.

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Currently, they can maintain a safe distance from other vehicles without intervention from the driver.

There is no restriction on where the vehicles can be driven. – CINEWS

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