Fish become victims of rising pollution level in Bengaluru’s Ulsoor Lake

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Bengaluru, Mar.7 (ANI): Thousands of dead fish washed ashore on Ulsoor Lake in the early hours of Monday in Karnataka’s Bengaluru city which has been struggling to clean up its badly polluted lakes.

The water at the present is so stinky that no tourists are visiting the famous tourist spot. The reason for the death is not known.

V.Purushottam, the president of Ulsoor Welfare Society, said that the rising level of pollution in the lake was because the dam, which was stopping the sewage water into the lake, had broken about two years back.

“We have got this to the notice of the authorities. All the newspapers reported it but they have done nothing. We even told them that the entire lake would soon become a blood spot and it would turn into a sewage pool,” Purushottam told ANI.

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“All the sewage from up-Bengaluru, and eastern Bengaluru, comes down in this drain, which comes to the Ulsoor Lake. Entire sewage has got into the lake, oxygen levels have depleted as a result of which fish have died,” he added.

One of the passersby said that the lake was badly stinking and is affecting everyone. “There should be some actions taken from the government as well the association. Every now and then they should clan it properly,” Charles said.

The other resident said that such incidents affect the image of the beautiful city.

The Ulsoor Lake, which is a popular boating site, had for many years been choked with water hyacinth and there was a major effort to clear that. (ANI)

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