Flood havoc in MP is due to ecocidal development: Rajendra Singh

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Bhopal, Aug 21 (IANS) The widespread devastation in Madhya Pradesh following heavy rains can be traced to the loot of natural resources and ecocidal model of development, ‘Waterman’ Rajendra Singh said on Sunday.

“The loot of natural resources that we have seen in past years have created conditions for such devastation,” said a statement issued by Rajendra Singh.

Vindhya and Bundelkhand regions of Madhya Pradesh were experiencing drought in May and June, and have been swept by floods in August, he said.

“Entire villages and larger habitations are under water. Normal life has been rudely disrupted. Crops have been destroyed.”

The death and destruction caused by floods is yet another warning that the course of development the government has enabled is pernicious, said Rajendra Singh who won the Stockholm Water Prize for 2015 for his efforts to improve water security in rural areas.

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“The government had better learn its lesson and change its course. Let us have a model of development that is compatible with nature and ends the indiscriminate exploitation of resources,” he said.

Continuous rains in the last few days have caused inundation of many districts of Madhya Pradesh. Many villages have been evacuated and hundreds of families have been living in relief camps. At least 50 people have died in the trail of destruction caused by floods.



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