‘Focus on valuable video stories, not short-lived social media content’

Kolkata, Feb 17 (IANS) Known for his innovative method of filming, editing and sharing one-minute videos every 24 hours, American video diplomacy expert Christoph Alexander Geiseler feels the focus in India should be on contents that stand the test of time instead of messages for social media that are consumed swiftly.

“I think it should be about what videos will stand the test of time instead of focusing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Snapchats… contents that are consumed very quickly. What videos you will be watching 5 or 10 years from now? What are the voices, the stories that our great-great-great grandchildren will hold on to? The valuable stories stand the test of time,” Geiseler told IANS here.

Geiseler and his teaching partner, Anouschka Dap, were here for a two-day video course at the US Consulate.

Selected trainees participated in a hands-on workshop to learn how to produce one-minute videos within 24 hours using the method invented by Geiseler.

“Video diplomacy is an amplifier for a way to transmit a message. An institution can speak to the public and public can speak back. Twitter is to blogs as one-minute videos are to movies,” he explained.

Geiseler, the founder of the One Minute Academy, also consults for the US Department of State as a cultural envoy.

He admitted people doubt the potential of one-minute videos at the moment.

And this is exactly why, he said, there is a “great opportunity to enter the field and establish ourselves as innovators and pioneers”.

Asked on the recent cultural appropriation controversy over British rock band Coldplay’s “Hymn For the Weekend”, Geiseler said showcasing a vibrant image of the country is a positive step.

“If they are showing a side of India that is beautiful and colourful and makes people come to India, sounds like a great occasion to me. They are not harming anybody and not saying negative.”

“Think about the millions of dollars which will be poured into the economy because a foreign band came here and made a video. They probably paid for rights to get clearance, paid taxes for filming certain landmarks etc.”

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