Food-filled ‘The Grub Fest` to end today

New Delhi, Oct 25 (ANI): After devoting its three delicious days to foodies, the second season of ‘The Grub Fest,’ which kicked off in the national capital on October 23, will unfortunately come to an end today.

This time, the festival, which earlier took place at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in April, made Ambience Lawns, Gurgaon its venue, which proved out to be a perfect spot for Delhiites and of course, for the residents of Gurgaon.

One of its kind festival, The Grub Fest had around fifty food stalls that presented every cuisine and what remained exclusive was ‘The Grub Stories,’ the three-storey building, which helped the footfall get the big picture of the entire festival.

In an exclusive conversation with ANI, the minds behind the ‘The Grub Fest’ Chaitanya Mathur, Aman Kumar and Arjun Jain said, “The footfall has been really good, especially when the sun starts to set and the breeze becomes little cooler and soothing. We have been to a lot of places abroad and have found out that there is no such concept of festivals completely being dedicated to foodies. So, apart from doing it in Delhi and taking it to other states in India, we are also planning to take the festival to Dubai and London to start with.”

They further said that they have kept in mind to have stalls that caters to both kinds of audiences, one who wants to eat healthy and the other who are happy eating ‘greasy’ foods.

Apart from just food, the organisers made sure to keep the crowd entertained with live music and concerts by Hari Sukhmani, Nikhil Chinnapa, Raghu Dixit etc. giving a perfect ending to the respective days. (ANI)

By A.Kameshwari

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