Foodgrain production to be record 279.51 million tonne: Government

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New Delhi, May 17 (IANS) Total foodgrain production in the country this year is going to be record 279.51 million tonne, which is 4.4 million tonne higher than the last year, Union Agriculture Ministry said in its third advance estimates issued on Wednesday.

Last year, the foodgrain production was 275.11 million tonne.

While expected production of cotton and sugarcane has shown an increase, oilseeds and jute and mesta output are expected to be lower this year.

With all major foodgrains showing record production, the third advance estimates showed an increase even from the second advance estimates — issued in February, which had projected 277.49 million tonne for the 2017-18 agriculture year, which starts from July.

As per the latest estimates, the total output of rice is expected to be 111.52 million tonne, which is 1.82 million tonne more than the last year’s output — 109.70 million tonne.

Also, wheat production is estimated to reach 98.61 million tonne, which is higher by 100,000 tonne than the previous year’s production of 98.51 million tonne.

Maize output is likely to be 26.88 million tonne.

The ministry said the total yield of pulses in 2017-18 would be 24.51 million tonne, which is 1.37 million tonne higher than the previous year’s production of 23.13 million tonne. However, arhar or tur (red gram) yield would be 4.18 million tonne — down from 4.87 million tonne last year.

It said the production of coarse cereals during 2017-18 is estimated at record 44.87 million tonnes, 1.10 million tonne more compared to production figure of previous year — 43.77 million tonne.

Total Oilseeds production estimates this year have indicated a decline by 0.64 million tonne, from 31.28 million tonne last year to 30.64 million tonne.

Among major oilseeds, groundnut production is expected to increase to 8.94 million tonne this year from 7.46 million tonne last year, but soybean has projected a dip in production — from 13.15 million tonne last year to 10.93 million tonne this year.

Mustard production this year is expected to increase slightly to 8.04 million tonne.

The ministry said total production of sugarcane in 2017-18 is estimated to be 355.10 million tonne, which is higher by 13.06 million tonne than the average sugarcane production of 342 million tonne in the last five years. Last year, the sugarcane production was 306 million tonne.

As per the third advance estimates, production of cotton this year is expected to be 34.86 million bales (of 170 kg each), which is higher by 2.28 million bales than the last year’s production of 32.58 million bales.

Expected production of jute and mesta is 10.62 million bales (of 180 kg each), which is lower than the production last year, 10.96 million bales.



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