For Akshay Kumar, ‘Housefull 3’ was the hardest film to do

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Akshay Kumar is getting a great praise for his role in  “Housefull 3 ”  movie. The people who have watched the film realize that Akshay Kumar plays a split identity in the film, Sandy and Sundi — two totally different people with different personalities.

In the movie , Sandy was non-violence  type of boy whereas Sundi was physically strong but a dumb guy , Akshay finds both the roles challenging and difficult  to play them.

Especially in the scenes where Akshay has to switch from Sandy to Sundi in the same shot, are the ones when he actually went blank and didn’t know what he was playing, until he was reminded by the director. Akshay made sure he made the characters look completely different on screens, hence the walk and the eyebrows act that he introduced as a part of Sundi’s personality. When asked about the most difficult part, he remembers the scene where he had to hit himself with a hammer; Akshay had to practise a lot for the scene to be perfect. – CINEWS

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