For better future, `go green with chemistry`

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By Mehak Sabharwal

New Delhi, Feb. 22(ANI): Today’s younger generation not only has a zest to do something different, but also feel responsible towards the mother nature. Taking up a similar role, 12th grade student Ranjini has started an initiative ‘Go Green With Chemistry.’

Talking about her initiative, Ranjini said, “Green Chemistry is a concept I chanced upon when I was working on one of my IB Diploma projects in Grade 12. I learnt that multiple tragedies in the history of the world, like the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, could have been avoided if companies applied Green Chemistry principles.”

“Green Chemistry encourages the replacement of dangerous chemical ingredients with eco-friendly materials used in industrial manufacturing, use and disposal. This practice results in the creation of sustainable processes and products and a reduction in the creation of hazardous waste,” she added.

Ranjini said that she feels Green Chemistry is the future of Chemistry and with GGWC, she is simply doing her part to bridge the gap.

Ranjini, who was also invited to speak at the IGCW 2015 event in Mumbai, where all the world leaders in the field of Green Chemistry were present, further said, “My main aim is to open the youths’ eyes to the existence of Green Chemistry, start a conversation, influence young minds to apply Green Chemistry, whether at home today or in their careers in the field of Chemistry later.”

As a part of her initiative, she has also started her website (ANI)

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