For many, Ontario is the “centre of the universe”

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A new poll from the Angus Reid Institute suggests Canada’s most populous province is in the eyes of many Canadians the “centre of the universe” mostly because of personal connections to the province and its people.

Asked whether they have ever visited, lived in, or had family or friends in Ontario, some eight-in-ten who don’t live there report at least one of these ties to that province.

Then there’s Quebec: Seven-in-ten Canadians have some personal connection to la belle province – though this is predominantly due to visitation, rather than having lived there or having friends and family in the province.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, fully three-in-four Canadians report have no personal connection to Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Other findings include:

  • The vast majority of Canadian adults (86%) have visited at least one other province, and two per cent have been to every province and Canada’s north.
  • Eight-in-ten Canadians who live outside of Ontario (79%) have either lived there in the past, visited, or have friends or family living there. The same is true of 69 per cent of non-Quebecers’ relationships to la belle province.
  • By contrast, Canada’s north is the least-connected region of the country, with only one-in-seven (14%) saying they have visited or lived there, or have friends and family living there. – CINEWS
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