Forced to protest due to AAP Govt’s anti-people policy: Vijender Gupta

New Delhi, June 30 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Vijender Gupta, who tore off the VAT amendment papers in the Delhi Assembly today, said he was forced to protest due to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government’s anti-people policies.

“We were not allowed an opportunity to speak. When we asked them to stop, they started voting. Since this was a decision against the public and a betrayal to the people, we were compelled. They are trying to increase prices of petrol, petrol products and soft drinks, this will increase inflation in Delhi,” Gupta told ANI.

“We wanted a healthy discussion but they were making anti-people decisions. That is why we had to protest,” he added.

The Delhi Assembly passed the Value Added Tax (Amendment) Bill today.

The Bill was passed even as the Assembly witnessed high drama after Gupta tore off the amendment papers and his party MLAs staged a walkout from the session.

The bill will make enabling provisions for levy of VAT in respect of goods enlisted in the Fourth Schedule at flexible rates instead of a flat slab of 20 percent. (ANI)

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