Foreign spouses will soon be permanent residents on arrival

Ottawa, March 4 (CINEWS): Immigration Minister John McCallum will introduce changes that will allow foreign spouses to become permanent residents quickly. Currently there is a two year waiting period that was introduced by the previous Conservative government in a move designed to discourage fake marriages.COUPLE
Currently, sponsored spouses of Canadians receive conditional permanent residency upon arrival in Canada. Under current rules if the relationship breaks down, the sponsored spouse’s permanent residency can be revoked. Spouses holding conditional permanent resident status enjoy the same rights and benefits as any other permanent resident.
Most MPs representing major urban centres from all parties say that issues related to immigration, refugees and citizenship account for 70 to 80 per cent of their constituency work.
It is an undisputed fact that marriage fraud is prevalent especially in the South Asian and Chinese communities. Thousands of dollars often change hands. There were stories featuring elaborate fake marriage ceremonies in Punjab all designed to make a fake marriage look authentic in photo albums. By many estimates, hundreds of such marriages took place and was more likely to happen if spouses were assured of permanent residency fairly quickly. Now it remains to be seen if this reversal of rules will once again give rise to abuse of this very generous provision.

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