Foreign students blamed for transit woes in Windsor

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Recently a local community news outlet in Windsor ran a story about Transit Windsor buses not making regular stops because they are always packed with commuters, a large number who happen to be foreign students from St. Clair College.

The number of people riding Windsor’s buses increased by 2.58 per cent last year, thanks in part to the introduction of a student U-pass.

About 6.5 million rides were recorded in 2016, according to Transit Windsor’s executive director Pat Delmore — an increase of about 163,000 rides, compared to the year before.

Standing in bus shelters along certain routes in bone chilling temperatures has frustrated regular commuters even more. Seeing packed buses whizzing past them without stopping has now become a daily occurrence.

In some news reports, regular commuters talked about unruly foreign students and able-bodied young men refusing to give up seats for the elderly and those in need. A news story ran photographs of foreign students boarding Transit Windsor buses and a large number of them happen to be South Asians.

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St. Clair’s vice-president of international relations Ron Seguin said the surge in bus use is directly linked to the college’s strategy to attract international students.

There is a need for educational institutes directly benefiting from having large number of foreign students to assume some responsibility for their travel by possibly running their own shuttle services and reducing the burden on the city. This would be particularly helpful in ensuring foreign students aren’t looked upon as a disruptive presence. -CINEWS

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